The International Hotel School
The International Hotel School

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Cake icing, cake baking, deserts, basic bread making, puff pastry, platted deserts.
How to bake cakes, decorative cake icing, desserts and basic bread making.
Theory and work integrated learning, with 10 weeks spent in bakeries, restaurants or hotel patisserie kitchens gaining experience from industry professionals.
Method:Blended learning
Duration:6 Months
Accreditation:City and Guilds Diploma in Pastisserie
Requirements:Grade 11 OR Prior culinary experience advantageous
Internship:There are no sponsorships, bursaries or internships offered.

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Course program

Cooking Skills
Prepare and bake paste based products’ and desserts
Prepare and bake cakes and sponges
Prepare meringue based products and desserts
Prepare gelatine set desserts
Prepare egg set desserts
Prepare and bake chemically aerated products
Prepare and cook frit based desserts
Prepare simple frozen desserts
Prepare and bake fermented products
Prepare and use creams, fillings and glazes
Prepare hot and cold sauces
Prepare and use decorative mediums

General Kitchen Skills
Safety at work
Hygiene at work
Kitchen maintenance and design
Budget, costing and control

Course location

The International Hotel School

The International Hotel School offers exciting career opportunities for anyone interested in a career in the hospitality industry! From Hotel Manager to Accountant, Operations Director to Marketing, Events Co-ordinator to owning your own restaurant – the opportunities are endless

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